Show Management

We will handle the entire process for you when it comes to handling talent and entertainment logistics, including research, casting, hiring, scheduling, booking, and travel arrangements.

Talent Casting

We work with diverse talent from around the world. We make sure there is a perfect match between talent and any given event, theme, or message. We work with world class dancers, singers, actors, specialty performers and musicians to inspire and dazzle audiences.

Artistic Direction

We will manage the entire process of creating a unique theme, concept, or program. We will oversee all of the components from initial concept to performance, including advertising & marketing, casting, choreography, music, lighting, wardrobe, make-up, prop and set design.

Wardrobe Production

Wardrobe design and production is an important part of the creative process, it brings characters to life and adds another level of detail, colour, and depth. Our in-house costume designers create original outfits and costumes for all of our productions.


Our talented choreographers are experienced in a wide range of dance styles. They are known for their diversity, artistic vision, and ability to create unique and dynamic performances.

Music Production

We are able to offer a full range of music production services including composition, customization, lyrics writing, audio editing, and live music performances to accompany any event or presentation.

Customized Shows

These shows are designed specifically for your product, event or production and can range from rewriting lyrics to creating a unique production.

A/V Production

We handle all visual elements to enhance the audience experience: Design, Webcasts, Photography & Video.